The Sexual Boundary Issue That's Seldom Discussed | Psychology Today - Woman wholl want to swallow cum

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Spit or swallow? These internet users explain everything you ever wanted to know about swallowing cum and drinking semen. Report This. When I really like someone then I love swallowing cum. It's so intimate, just thinking about it really turns me on. Recently I joined a gym and I decided to hire a.

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By Nejora - 08:47
I obviously don't and would never try to speak for all women. But I absolutely LOVE to swallow my man's cum. I GREEDILY take it into my mouth.
By Zulkijin - 06:50
The Truth About Whether Women Ever Spit (Rather Than Swallow) When it comes to climaxing 75 percent of women and 84 percent of men want to do it in their I'll leave you with these fun and healthful facts about semen.
By Kagabar - 23:34
But we wondered how real men feel about women who swallow. A lot of us do, a lot of us don't, and guys want you to know: They care a lot about If guys can't taste their own cum they shouldn't expect their partner to.

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