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What’s the Easiest Language to Learn

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What’s the Easiest Language to Learn

Learning a new language to make it your second language or a romance language seems fun. Where there is so much to explore and fun in language learning, there are grammar rules, verb conjugations, and a lot more to consider while learning two languages or different languages. Some poets often love to learn Germanic language, phonetic language, romance languages, and another widely spoken language.

Among fluent English speakers, Asian languages fascinate them. As the passion to speak English among Asian native speakers is wide, they follow simple grammar rules, verb tenses, and verb forms and use simple English words with easy pronunciation instead of words with challenging pronunciation.

Top 5 easiest languages to learn to accord with Busuu’s experts

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If you will learn other languages, you may find a variety of options, like you may decide to learn Spanish or learn Italian, Germanic languages or any language from the same family or easiest languages from romance language family. But this is which language you could learn easily? Here is the answer;

Your native language

When we learn foreign languages, we usually turn to our mother tongue for guidance. It usually makes learning a foreign language a lot easier. It doesn’t seem like an accident that we accustom many people to learning French, as they have almost a million English-speaking people who can easily identify themselves with the word English’s’cognites’. Are we fluent in the romance language Well, it may make learning another language easier?

Being a native English Speakers

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Learning a new language can open up a whole new world of exciting new experiences and opportunities, from connecting with a variety of people and cultures to advancing your career to studying and working abroad.

What is the best way to learn a language? Although all foreign languages have their specific challenges, they are often easier to master for fluent English speaking. Tell me the answer? Languages that are related to English share a certain quality or characteristic which are easily understood by English speakers. It comprises things such as sentence structure and vocabulary.

Your strengths as a language learners

Although many of us can understand a lot of grammar (as charged—and I love learning conjugate verbs and what not!), many people can learn vocabulary — or even learn new alphabets too.

Whatever your language talents may be, it’s worthwhile finding one that matches your abilities. It is so fun to learn something.

Your exposure to foreign language

When you learn a foreign language, maybe you’d be accustomed to picking up bits and pieces without knowing. What is the best way for someone to learn a foreign language? This will happen immediately.

Your grasp of grammatical structures

Your understanding of grammar will naturally link back to your native language structure. And that’s why you will find languages with similar sentence structure and word order easier.

What makes a language easy to learn?

Everything is different. Some things determine which language is most enjoyable to learn. What is important is this:

Your motivation

Motivation is the major component of success in learning languages. It’s hard to learn a language if you don’t have enough motivation. If you don’t have the motivation to learn a new language, you will never get a chance for that.

Many people from different countries having in mind different greetings on their own language.

Let me clarify that. While analyzing languages and comparing them is enjoyable and the outcomes work only in an imagined ideal. It’s an equal situation. Similarly, equal learning hours for each language.

Your other languages

The language you know will help you learn a new language faster. The closer a language is to the language you speak, the easier learning becomes.

This is true since you know how to learn and understand the structure of the language when you learn the first one. Perhaps a little more aware of the language.

Academic Research on the easiest language to learn

The Foreign Service Institute is a training organization for English for diplomats in the United States. It prepares foreigners for diplomatic service in foreign embassies. These classes include training in languages.

They specialize in teaching English to students (e.g. the students have to know the length of learning of each language to create a suitable program). Through research and a decade of experience, they have divided each language into categories depending on the length of the courses.

Is there any easier language to learn?

How can I plan to learn new languages this year? Are there some that are still struggling to learn something? Tell me the easiest and most difficult language that you’ve learned? But while learning a certain language can be a nightmare like Everest, you can also learn many languages much more quickly. How many languages are people capable of speaking?

Frisian – Easiest language

A man sliding different phone screens that represnte different languages and pointing to the frisian language.

Frisian is one of those languages closely linked to English. This language is hence easier to learn for English language learners. I formerly referred to Frisian into the Middle Ages, to the world as Frisia.

While Frisian has not existed since then, it remains a dialect in parts of the Netherlands and Germany. The English language shares many similarities with sentence structures. Good morning in Western Frisian translates to “Goeier” (Morris).

Here’s Why I Believe that Any Language Can be Easy to Learn

In the end, each language is equally difficult. When thinking about what is the easiest language to learn, it doesn’t seem that much more complicated or simple to grasp? There are other languages, and they have no difficulty at all learning them. English is being spoken worldwide with less or no difficulty because it has been approved as an International Language Worldwide. So any language can be made easy if it is learned properly like we learn English both at home and in our schools following the principles of English learning and writing system.

Do you know any easiest way to learn a language? Having difficulty speaking a certain language is normal and acceptable. There is no shame in doing the wrong pronunciation of a language that is not your native tongue. Accept the flaws and keep learning!

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